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Merry Christmas from the Gaskins! We hope you are all well and have had a fabulous year! Here’s the scoop on our past year…

James started his Masters in Information Systems this fall semester. It has kept him VERY busy. He should finish in 2008, and then we’ll head off to Ph.D. school! His ambition is to get his Ph.D. in Information Systems and then become a professor. He still works as a gymnastics coach and loves staying in shape. He also had an internship this summer for Intermountain Health Care, and decided he doesn’t want a long commute to work when he “grows up!”

Nikki started a job in January as a private math tutor for 6 students, and loves it! She goes to the students’ home for a few hours a day and gets to bring Lilly. It’s nice to contribute to the family income and never have to leave Lilly! Nikki was called as the Relief Society President of our church ward. It has kept her busy and helped her get to know and serve the neighbors. Most of all, Nikki loves being a mommy! She and Lilly have many fun adventures together! Lilly has learned to help mommy with cooking, sewing, and playing the piano. We love being together!

Lilly has become cuter and cuter over the course of the year! We entered her into a local baby contest, and we thought she was the cutest baby there! She had a hard time liking many solid foods, but has expanded her repertoire over the past few months. She was nicknamed “Tripod” when she initially learned to crawl because she sits on her bottom and pulls herself forward with her feet instead of the traditional way of crawling. She eventually learned the right way, but switches back and forth constantly. She can now stand, and she just took her first steps today (Dec. 19th)! She is now almost 16 months old and is very smart. She absolutely LOVES reading books and brushing her teeth. We have taught her some baby sign language, and she knows how to say helpful phrases like, “More, please,” and “Finished,” and “Thank you.” What a wonderful daughter!

We set out on many adventures this year, beginning the year with a trip to St. George for a gymnastics meet. We also visited James’ family in Virginia and stopped by Busch Gardens theme park while we were there. We spent a lot of the summer swimming in the local pool (Lilly LOVES swimming!), hiking to Timpanogos Cave, visiting downtown Salt Lake City, seeing the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake, going to the zoo, visiting Seven Peaks water park, and having family barbecues. We didn’t miss the annual hot air balloon fest, even though the loud balloon torches scared Lilly half to death! Nikki and Lilly also took a train ride when cousins came to visit. During the fall, we visited the Pumpkin Patch, fed the ducks, and petted sting rays at the aquarium! We visited James’ family again during Thanksgiving, where Lilly and Thomas showed off their video game skills to each other. We found out we’re expecting another girl on May 12th, and we’re VERY excited!

It will be a white Christmas here in Utah, and we wish you all Happy Holidays!



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