Bible Mini-Games

David and Goliath

Can you save the children of Israel from this Giant Palestinian?  
Conquer Goliath as David, the youngest son of Jesse.


Can you gather two of every animal before the time runs out!?  Race the rain as Noah!


Help the Children of Israel break down the walls of Jericho.

Samson's Bad Hair Day

Help Samson hold up the pillar as the stones rain down upon him in this tetris style game.

Click to download Samson
Pharaoh's Dream

Can you unscramble Pharaoh's dream in this slide puzzle type game?


The Israelites and the Philistines were constantly at war throughout the bible.  See how many Philistines you can whack in this Whack-a-mole style game!

Hungry Hungry Israelites!

Sick of Manna?  So are the children of Israel.  Help them gather quail for a fabulous feast!


Steer the ark and save the animals as the oncoming deluge threatens your doom!

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